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6 May
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Here We Go Again Resources
Welcome to the personal journal of Konika, a 19-year-old Asian-American who spends too much time online. This journal is friends only for a few reasons. If you're interested in being friended, please comment here to be considered. Also, my icon journal is here

Just as a brief bio, I'm the sort of person who'll try anything once, who'll watch anything just to see what it's like, and who will listen to any of kind of music even if it's not within my usual genre. I tend to like everything, and that's probably because I don't take things too seriously. Entertainment of any sort, whether music or movies, are supposed to be an escape, and I don't believe in nitpicking for the sake of elitism or distinguishing myself. Not to say I'm never displeased, but why concentrate on the negative?
DEVIANTART: expose42, sanami276, vikyvampirs90

LIVEJOURNAL: fontaddicts, icon_textures, music_photobook, photoshopextras, photoshopping, psactions, psd_tuts, resourcelove, selectivecolor, texturize